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City Assessor

Aaron P. Powers, City Assessor

Andrew Falkenberg, Assistant City Assessor/Treasurer

The Assessor's Office is responsible for performing and maintaining property assessments for the equitable distribution of the property tax burden under the current law.  The office compiles special assessment rolls, administers the Board of Review and maintains ownership records for the City of Kalamazoo for both real and personal property.  The Assessing office also maintains property descriptions and maps for taxing purposes.   Assessing provides the City Treasurer with taxable value on all City properties; these values are used to produce annual tax bills. 

Link to City of Kalamazoo Assessing and Tax Database (BS&A website)

The property data is hosted on the BS&A Software Inc. website and is a representation of the City of Kalamazoo's assessment and tax records. This information is generally current, but users may wish to verify the information with the public primary sources.  

Information available in this database:

  • Assessed value of any house or building in Kalamazoo
  • Market Value
  • Year Built
  • Square Footage
  • Legal Description
  • Land Parcel Size
  • Previous Owner
After clicking the above link, input the property address, parcel number or owner's name to obtain the desired information.
The City of Kalamazoo assumes no liability for the information contained on this site.


For verification of assessment information, please contact the Assessor's Office at (269) 337-8011.
For Tax billing information, please contact the Treasurer's office at (269) 337-8036.
For zoning information, please call Zoning at (269) 337-8044.  

Click here to search on the City's historic property record cards 

Here are links to helpful information and tools about property taxes:

City of Kalamazoo Property Tax Forms and Reports: 


Board of Review Notice 

The Board of Review for the City of Kalamazoo will be hearing 2017 property assessment protests each weekday beginning March 8, 2017, and continuing as needed through March 17, generally starting at 9:00am. Meetings will be held at Kalamazoo City Hall, 241 W. South Street. All protests in person will be heard BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and the deadline to schedule an appointment is March 3, 2017. Protests may also be made to the Board in writing,  but must  be RECEIVED by March 16,  2017.

Assessments have been adjusted to result in an anticipated State Equalized Value Multiplier of 1.0000 for all classes of property. The Tentative State Equalization Multipliers and Equalization Ratios, as determined by the Kalamazoo County Equalization Department, prior to the above-mentioned adjustments were as follows: 

Class Multiplier Ratio
Commercial 1.12791 44.33%
Industrial 1.03563 48.28%
Residential 1.04691 47.76%
Personal 1.0000 50.00%


Aaron P. Powers, Board of Review Secretary
City of Kalamazoo
241 W. South Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

State of Michigan Property Tax Forms and Information: 

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