Kalamazoo City
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Construction Projects

If you have questions about the Farmer's Alley project, please contact our Traffic Operations Division at (269) 337-8601 or email cokpublicservices@kalamazoocity.org


Street Limits
Ada St  Simpson to Westnedge
Bates Alley Portage to Edwards
Bryant Alley James to Cameron
Cameron St Stockbridge to Reed
Chelten St  Winchester to Northhampton
Eleanor St  Westnedge to Park
Farmers Alley South to Exchange
Francis Ct Lake St to South End
Hazel Ave Ruthin to East End
Larry Ln  Pine Ridge to Ridgeview
Locust St  Vine to Walnut
Londonberry Ave  Winchester to Northhampton
March/Egleston Intersection
Midvale Terr  Inkster to Bronson
Miles Ave  Lovers to Ferndale
Minor/Village  Intersection
N. Rose St Paterson to Prouty
Norway Ave  Rose to Westnedge
Parchmount Ave  Clarinin to Mt.Olivet
Park Street  Pratt to Oakhurst
Parkwood Dr  Westnedge to Glenwood
Peake Road  Woodside to Valley
Ransom St  Church to Rose
Ridgewood St  Burdick to Rose
W. Prouty St  Woodward to Cobb
Winchester Pl  Chelten to Londonberry
Major Streets Projects 2017
Street Limits
Cork and Portage Intersection  
Oakland  Chevy Chase to Winchell
Rivers Edge Roundabout  
Whites  Oakland to Parkview
Federal Aid Streets Projects 2017
Street Limits
Portage Sheridan to Stockbridge
Vine Davis to Oak
Vine Westnedge to Crosstown