Keep Our City Clean! Enforcement of City Trash Ordinance to begin on April 23

With the arrival of spring, often times we find a season’s worth of litter underneath the melted snow. Property owners in the City are reminded of their responsibilities to keep properties trash free throughout the year. Chapter 15A of the City of Kalamazoo Code of Ordinances (the Trash Ordinance) states, ““…All garbage must be stored in a watertight container that is constructed of metal, plastic or other durable material impervious to rodents, has a tight-fitting lid or cover, and is capable of being serviced without creating unsanitary conditions…”

A grace period for violations of the Trash Ordinance is in effect through Saturday, April 22.

Starting Sunday, April 23, properties that are in violation of the ordinance will be issued a written citation allowing 10 days to clean up the property and a $77 fine. If the property is not cleaned up within 10 days, a crew will be dispatched to clean up the property on behalf of the property owner, who will then be billed for the recovery of enforcement costs.

City residents are encouraged to take a proactive approach and help keep our city clean and inviting for everyone who lives, works, learns, or plays in Kalamazoo.

Community Planning & Development Office
(269) 337-8026