Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

General Description

This body advises the City Commission on historic preservation issues including the establishment of historic districts and landmarks and the nomination of such districts and landmarks to the National Register of Historic Places and the state register. The HPC encourages and promotes historic preservation through publications, education, the collection of historical materials, and the identification of historical resources which warrant preservation.

Meeting Times and Contact Information

Last updated on Friday, November 13, 2015

Board Name
Meeting Date/Time
Meeting Location
Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Commission
Dec 8, 7:00 PM
Community Room at City Hall

For more information about the HPC, please contact Historic Preservation Coordinator Sharon Ferraro at 337-8044 or via email.


Current Members

Curt Aardema Co-Chair
Second Full Term
David Benac
Partial Term
David Brose
First full term
Tony Holewinski
Second full term
Katie Jacobs Treasurer
First full term
Lynn Stevens
Second Full Term
Chris Wright Chair
Second Full Term

Term Length: 3 years

Becoming a Member

Residency Requirements: Code of Ordinances Sec. 2-80 specifies, “Under special circumstances, the Commission may recommend to the City Commission the appointment of non-resident members. A majority of the members shall be city residents.”

Applications: Boards and Commission Applications may be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's Office at (269) 337-8792 or via e-mail. You may also view and print a Board and Commission Application.

Appointment Process: Ultimately the City Commission must approve the appointments of all board and commission members. When the City Clerk's Office receives an application, we send copies to the staff liaison and chair of board(s) listed on the application. The individual boards and commissions must recommend nominees for appointment, and each board has their own processes and procedures for considering applications. The timetable for this process depends on the number of vacancies on a particular board, and the extent of a board's nominating procedure. Questions about the status of a Board and Commission Application should be directed to the staff liaison(s) for the appropriate board(s).

Agendas, Minutes, and Other Important Documents

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