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Tax Abatements

We can help you apply for tax abatements, including assistance with the following:

pdf  Policy for PA 198 Tax Abatement  This property tax incentive is available to eligible businesses to renovate or expand existing manufacturing plants, or to build new plants. The law also allows local communities to use this incentive for high-tech firms or research and development centers that provide high-salaried jobs. The abatements can reduce property taxes, real and personal (excluding land), for up to six years. For an obsolete plant or machinery that is being replaced or restored, the business may be eligible for a 100% exemption from property tax on the value of the improvement. For a new plant, PA 198 allows local units of government to reduce the local millage by 50%, and the state to abate the 6-mill statewide education tax.

pdf  Policy for PA 328 Tax Abatement  PA 328 allows abatement of all new personal property taxes in certain geographic areas in order to stimulate economic development. Abatements include all millage, state and local. The act allows all new personal properties installed by an eligible business after local approval to be 100% exempt from personal property taxes for a specified period determined by the city.

pdf  Policy for Repayment of Abated Taxes  The city's policy applies to the repayment of abated taxes "clawback" relating to all PA 198 and PA 328 agreements.