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icon Click here to read the Oakland and Parkview intersection construction media release.

 Community Rain Barrel Sale                      

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Our community rain barrel sale is set up to help you decide if a rain barrel will work at your home, demonstrate how to install one, and help you pick out all the right parts. Barrels are constructed from recycled food-grade pickle barrels. Order online or mail by May 22. $59.50 each in four colors. Volunteers will be at our pick-up event May 29th to answer your questions at WMU Community Garden (1940 Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo). Click here: http://kalamazooriver.org/?page_id=792



The Kalamazoo Water Department has upgraded its previous water run advisory to a warning.                           

The Public Services Department strongly urges all residential water customers to let their water run at a pencil size stream 24 hours a day in a tub or sink until at least April 20th to avoid frozen water services.

icon Frozen Water Service Warning (84.21 kB)

icon Water Frozen Services Map (1.78 MB)

Click to download the key priorities for 2014-2015 that the Kalamazoo City Commission has outlined.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      icon 2014-2015 City Commission Priorities