Accessory Structure Standards

Accessory structures (like sheds, carports, detached garages, and storage buildings) are to be incidental, smaller, and less prominent than the primary structure on the site. These kinds of accessory structures cannot be used as living space or for home occupations.

Placement and Size

  • Accessory structures located in the rear yard may be placed within three feet of side or rear property line.
  • Accessory structures in the rear yards shall not exceed 33% of the rear yard square footage.
  • Please note that if an accessory structure is placed in a side yard the building setbacks would then be the same as what would apply to the primary structure or building in that zone district.
  • Accessory structures may not be placed in the front yard.
  • Accessory structures shall not be larger than the footprint of the primary structure or building
  • The combined total of all accessory structures may not exceed 20% of the total land area of the lot.


Accessory structures may not exceed a height of 16 feet as measured from grade level to the midpoint of the roof


Accessory structures must be constructed at the same time as primary building or after the construction of the primary building.

Permit Requirements

Building Permits are required for accessory structures over 120 square feet in area.

Historic District

For a property located in a Historic District, there are standards for accessory structures under new construction