Sidewalk Repair and Construction

  • Project typeSidewalk
  • Project value$1,200,000 (Foundation for Excellence)
  • Project scheduleSummer 2023
  • Contractor namePeters Construction / Lopez Concrete Construction
Sidewalk repair in the Arcadia neighborhood

The Foundation for Excellence continues to invest more than $1 million into sidewalks each year, with $1.2 million of work planned for 2023. This work is focused near schools and neighborhood amenities, and to close gaps in the existing sidewalk network. A few projects originally scheduled for 2022 will also be completed this year. Nearly a mile of new sidewalk will be added this year, on top of about 2 miles being repaired. 

Major Sidewalk Repair Projects:

  • Alamo Ave from the city limits to Denner St
  • Cameron St from Buena Vista St to Bryan St
  • Portage St from Kilgore Rd to Cork St
  • Mt Olivet Rd from Virginia Ave to G Ave

Other Repair Projects:

  • Vine St from Burdick St to Westnedge Ave
  • Palmer Ave from Portage St to Race St

Remaining Work from 2022:

  • Oakland Dr from Parkview Ave to Howard St
  • Brentwood Ave from Cherry St to Howard St
  • Barnard Ave from Springmont Ave to Parkview Ave

New Sidewalk Construction:

  • Berkshire Dr- close gap near 1003 Berkshire Dr
  • Fraternity Village Dr from W Michigan to the deadend
  • California Ave from W Michigan to Fraternity Village Dr
  • Harrison St from Michigan Ave to the railroad tracks (expand 5-foot sidewalk to 10-feet to match KRVT)
  • Park St from Midtown Fresh to Balch St
  • Springmont Ave from Barnard St to Oakland Dr
  • Barnard Ave from Springmont Ave to Parkview Dr
  • Palmer Ave from Portage St to Race St
  • Stockbridge Ave at the intersection with Fulford St
  • Northampton Rd from W Main St to Londonderry St
  • Riverview Dr ADA ramps and landings from E Michigan Ave to Gull Rd