Oakland Drive/Winchell Traffic Calming Pilot

  • Project schedule2022-2025
Photo of contractors installing a traffic circle in Winchell

A pilot project in the Winchell Neighborhood is looking to reduce speeds, improve safety, and test the effectiveness of various traffic calming measures. Starting in 2022, curb bump-outs and mini traffic circles were installed at locations in the neighborhood to encourage slower driving and make the street more comfortable for the people who live, walk, drive, or bike in the neighborhood. 

The mini traffic circles were installed on Chevy Chase Blvd at Waite and Lorraine. Curb bump-outs were installed at intersections on Winchell Ave. Our team has made adjustments throughout the project, and we're continuing to monitor their effect on traffic and safety in the areas. 

Through this project, we're also looking to learn more about the effectiveness of these particular traffic calming treatments to help plan future projects. Traffic and speed data was collected before this pilot started, and our team is monitoring driver behaviors to see how effective the traffic calming measures are at reducing speed and improving safety. 

The City of Kalamazoo was awarded a federal Safe Streets for All grant in 2023, which will fund further study and implementation of pilot traffic calming projects over the next two years. The $750,000 grant will result in a plan outlining where safety improvements are needed, and what specific treatments will work best in each unique circumstance. The results of this pilot project in Winchell will also contribute to that plan.