Stephanie Hoffman

City Commissioner

First elected in 2021. Current term expires in November 2025.


Commissioner Hoffman is a change agent. She serves historically underrepresented and under-served community members to ensure that they are treated with the dignity, respect, and love every human being deserves. She understands the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. Her passions are housing, pay equity, and anti-racism.

One of Commissioner Hoffman goals is to create understanding in the broader community that housing is a human right. She believes that as Kalamazoo continues to grow as a community, we must invest even more in our core neighborhoods by providing affordable, permanent housing that includes home-ownership opportunities. She also believes we must make all our areas safe, and the gun violence plaguing parts of our city must be addressed at its root causes. Every child deserves a safe neighborhood to play, learn, and grow.

Drawing on the lessons learned in 2020, Commissioner Hoffman is committed to dismantling systems that do not serve our community’s highest good. Respectful race relations and building confidence in our city’s government are paramount. Her heart and passion can help build a culture in government whereby our residents can trust that leadership is committed to the people.

Commissioner Hoffman is also dedicated to creating anti-racist policies and systems that include all residents, particularly our marginalized and invisible members in our community. As the City of Kalamazoo addresses current policies and procedures internally, we can begin the work of genuinely building a city where all residents can thrive and not just survive.