Report and Pay Personal Property Taxes

Businesses are required to file a statement and pay Personal Property Taxes on things like machines, equipment, furniture, and fixtures used by the business. Personal Property Tax Statements must be filed with the City Assessor's Office each year by February 20.

There are a variety of forms that may be needed to file Personal Property Taxes or to claim an exemption. Forms are available from the State of Michigan. If you are unsure which forms are needed, please check with your accountant or tax professional.

Personal Property Tax Information and Forms from the State of Michigan 

Personal Property Tax filings and be submitted to the City Assessor's Office at City Hall by mail or in person to:

City of Kalamazoo
City Assessor's Office
241 W South Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Paying Personal Property Taxes

You can make a payment for Personal Property Taxes using the same process for paying current property Taxes. 

Pay Property Taxes