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New City Ordinance Will Require Drivers to Stop for People at Crosswalks Starting June 1


Starting June 1, motorists in the City of Kalamazoo will be required to stop for pedestrians and cyclists in or waiting to enter any crosswalk that does not have traffic control. At crosswalks where traffic signals are present, all road users and pedestrians must abide by the traffic signals.

The new city ordinances, which were approved by the Kalamazoo City Commission in January of 2019, also change existing language to clearly permit bicycles to ride on sidewalks unless specifically prohibited and require pedestrians and bicyclists to stop before entering a crosswalk. The ordinances were passed alongside the City of Kalamazoo’s Complete Streets Policy and the jurisdictional transfer of several major streets from State to local control.

“Our goal is to make transportation safer in the City of Kalamazoo, whether you walk, ride a bike, drive a car, or utilize Metro,” noted Deputy City Manager Jeff Chamberlain.

Signs will be installed at key intersections throughout the city to notify drivers of this upcoming change. Both bollard-style signs between lanes and road side signs will be utilized. Installation will begin before the new ordinances take effect and will continue into June. More signage will be installed at additional locations in the future.

A summary of changes to city ordinances and the rights and responsibilities of road users can be found at www.kalamazoocity.org/sharedstreets.

“It is important that all road users understand not only their rights and responsibilities, but those of other road users as well. We ask everyone in our community to stay informed, to be careful, and to watch out for other users of the roads and sidewalks.”


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