Apply for Fireworks Permit

Commercial fireworks displays must be permitted by the City of Kalamazoo to make sure they are done safely. Applications are reviewed by the Fire Marshall and other relevant City staff, and ultimately must be approved by the City Commission.

This permit is for public fireworks displays only. You do not need a permit to use consumer fireworks at your home, but you must follow all local ordinances related to their use. 

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Fireworks Permit

Step 1.Submit an Application

To apply for a public fireworks display permit, you will need to submit two forms. One is provided by the State of Michigan and the other is for local approval. You will need to provide an inventory of the fireworks that you will display as part of these applications. 

With your application you will also need to provide a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance for at least $5,000,000, protecting the applicant against property or personal injury damages during the display, and naming the City of Kalamazoo, its agents, officials, and employees as additionally insured parties. 

You can submit these documents to the City Clerk's Office at City Hall. They will coordinate the rest of the approval process. Please submit your application at least 60 days before your intended fireworks display to ensure there is enough time for review and approval. 

Fireworks Permit Local Application(PDF, 54KB)
Fireworks Permit State of Michigan Application(PDF, 180KB)
Insurance Requirements(PDF, 90KB)

Step 2.Review and Approval

Your application will be reviewed by the Fire Marshall and other relevant City staff. They may follow up with you for additional information. After staff review, your application will be added to a City Commission meeting agenda for consideration by the Commission. These meetings generally occur on the first and third Monday of each month. You attendance is not mandatory at this meeting, however it is helpful if you attend in case there are questions about your application.  

Step 3.Issuance of Permit

With City Commission approval, the Fire Marshall will notify the Federal Aviation Administration and issue your fireworks permit.