Find Polling Locations & Drop Boxes

All voters are assigned a voting precinct when they register. This location can be found on your voter identification card. Unless you vote absentee, you must vote at your polling location on the election day. Polls are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. for every election. There are also five official drop boxes located throughout the city for voters to use. These drop boxes are secure and checked regularly leading up to each election. 

Polling Locations

Although it doesn't happen very often, polling locations may change so it's a good idea to double-check before heading to the polls. You can view the City of Kalamazoo's precincts and polling locations using our GIS maps or the Michigan Voter Information Center. You can always call 311 or (269) 337-8000 for help too. Polling locations are for in-person voting only. You cannot return any applications, forms, or documents to a polling location.

Drop Box Locations

  • City Hall, on St. John’s Place near Lovell Street
  • Douglass Community Association, 1000 W. Paterson Street
  • City of Kalamazoo Stockbridge Office, 415 E. Stockbridge Ave
  • Eastside Neighborhood Association, 1301 E. Main Street
  • Kalamazoo Public Safety Station 7, 2331 Parkview Avenue

Drop boxes can accept any voting related materials, like absentee ballots or absentee ballot applications. Absentee ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. on Election Day to be counted. 

Voter Information Center

The Michigan Voter Information Center is a great resource for all voters. You can easily find your precinct, polling location, drop boxes, and much more. 

Step 1.Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center

Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center at

Michigan Voter Information Center

Step 2.Search for Your Voter Information

On the home page, click the Where is my polling place? link under the Your voter information heading. This is under the first green box with the person icon in it. 

Enter your first name, last name, birth month, birth year, zip code, and then search.

Step 3.Review Your Information

The search results will show your precinct and polling location. They will also show drop box locations, hours, and contact information. 

Using GIS Maps

Kalamazoo's GIS maps can show a variety of useful information. It doesn't show voting information by default, but this is easy to change.  

Step 1.Open the GIS Map Viewer

Click the button to open the City of Kalamazoo's GIS mapping service. 

GIS Mapping

Step 2.Turn on the Voting Information layer

Click the layers icon in the blue heading just above the map at the top of the screen. Check Voting Information from the pop-up menu to turn on that layer. 

You can also expand the Voting Information layer to show each specific element that it contains. By doing this, you can toggle precinct boundaries, polling locations, and drop box locations on and off separately. 

Step 3.Find You Precinct and Polling Location

Your polling location is based on your home address where you are registered to vote. Find your home address on the map and the corresponding precinct and polling location. If you're having difficulty finding your home on the map, you can enter your address into the search bar located near the top left of the map area.

Clicking on a precinct area will bring up a pop-up window with a link to view the polling location on google maps so it's easy to get directions if you need them.  

Step 4.Find Drop Boxes

Unless you have toggled them off in the layers panel, the Voter Information layer will show drop box locations. These will be marked with a green envelope icon. 

By Phone

You can call 311 or (269) 337-8000 for help! Our team will be happy to help you find your polling location or the nearest drop box.