Home-based Business Standards

Some types of work can be conducted at home with little or no effect on the surrounding neighborhood. Home occupation regulations are intended to permit residents to engage in home-based businesses, while protecting the character of residential areas. No permit is required for home-based businesses. However, the Zoning Inspector will verify all operating standards are being complied with if a complaint is received.

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Prohibited Types of Home-based Businesses

  • Vehicle and large equipment storage
  • Auto repair
  • Dispatch centers
  • Animal boarding facilities
  • Restaurants or food trucks
  • Recreational cannabis sales

Property Requirements

Home-based businesses may be operated in a residential dwelling that comply with all the following standards:

  1. Businesses are to remain incidental, or a minor activity compared to the residential use of the property.
  2. There may be no visible evidence of the existence of the home-based business beyond the permitted signage, including outdoor storage of materials related to the use.
  3. One nameplate sign with a maximum size of one square foot is allowed. It may not be illuminated.
  4. A secondary building or garage may be utilized, but the home-based business may not occupy more than 500 square feet of space. Accessory Building web link: https://ecode360.com/34020968
  5. No odor, vibration, noise, or electrical interference that is perceptible beyond the property lines is permitted.

Business Operating Requirements

  1. The operator of a home occupation must be a full-time resident of the dwelling and be on the premises during the hours of operation of the home-based business.
  2. A maximum of two nonresident employees may be on the premises at any one time.
  3. Customers may visit the site only during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  4. No more than two customers shall be on the premises at any one time, except in the case of classes, such as art, music, cooking or fitness classes, where up to four clients are permitted at one time. A Special Use Permit is required for classes with five or more clients at one time.
  5. Parking shall occur within the private driveway as much as possible or where on street parking is permissible.
  6. Deliveries or pickups are allowed only between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  7. Vehicles used for delivery and pick-up are limited to those normally servicing residential neighborhoods. Tractor-trailers are prohibited

Medical Cannabis Home-Based Business

  1. Primary caregiver must be registered with the State to assist qualified patient’s use of medical cannabis.
  2. Location of Primary Caregiver must be 1,000 feet from K -12 schools, colleges, university, playgrounds, public housing facilities and libraries.
  3. Location of Primary Caregiver must be 100 feet from youth centers, public pools, or video arcade facilities.
  4. More information on Caregiver requirements is available at https://ecode360.com/34020968

Businesses Involving Food Preparation

Cottage Food Industry Law allows a person to prepare some food items in their home kitchen for sale directly to consumer.

Residential Daycare

  1. Home daycare for six or fewer children licensed by the State of Michigan are permitted by right in the residential zone districts.
  2. Group daycare for seven to twelve children licensed by the State of Michigan are allowed with approval or a special use permit by the Planning Commission with the following requirements:
    • The home must remain similar in appearance to residential character of the neighborhood
    • Outdoor play area must be provided for children which consist of 100 square feet per child in the average daily attendance.
    • Property must front on a collector or arterial street