Join the City of Kalamazoo's Bidders List

The City of Kalamazoo maintains a list of vendors and the goods and services that each can provide. When the City of Kalamazoo needs these goods or services, an invitation to bid is sent to all appropriate businesses. Joining this Bidders List is a great way to know when there are opportunities to work with the City of Kalamazoo!  


Step 1.Before you begin

It's easy to join the City of Kalamazoo's bidders list online. Make sure you have all your business information including the Federal Tax ID before you begin. 

Step 2.Visit the Eden Online Portal

The City of Kalamazoo uses a program called Eden to manage vendor registration. Click the link below to visit the Eden registration portal. It will open in a new window so you can continue to refer to these instructions.

Eden Online Registration

Step 3.Register as a New User

Click the "New Users" button and complete the registration form. If you are registering as an individual, please provide your first and last name. If you're registering as a business, please enter the business name in the last name field (you can leave the first name blank).  

Create a username and password and click the "Next Step..." button. Confirm the information and click "Register"

Step 4.Create a Vendor Account

After you register as a user, you need to create a vendor account. If you do not have a vendor number, follow the "Click Here" link for NEW vendors. Enter the information for your business and then click the "Create New Vendor Account" button. 

If you already have a vendor number, follow the "Click Here" link for EXISTING vendors.

Step 5.Add Vendor Commodity Codes

After you create a vendor account, you will see the business name shown on the screen as a text link (AP Vendor BUSINESS NAME). Click your business name to see the vendor details. 

On the vendor details screen, there is a yellow dropdown menu. Select Vendor Commodity Codes from this menu. Eden will display an alert stating that you do not have any commodity codes associated with your account. Click the "Click here to begin..." text link.

On the list of commodity codes, click add next to the goods and services your business can provide. If you double click the description of a code, it will expand the main category and show subcategories. You can add an entire main category or individual subcategories.  

You can also view a PDF version of the Commodity Codes List(PDF, 562KB) for reference. 

Step 6.Save Your Commodity Codes

When you're finished, you will see an alert above the commodity code list stating you have unsaved changes. Follow the Click here link to review and save your selections. If the selections are correct, click the Save Changes button. 

If you need to make changes, click the Edit Commodity Codes text link.

Step 7.You're All Set!

When the City of Kalamazoo needs goods or services that your business can provide, you will be notified using the contact information you provided earlier. You are not obligated to bid on any opportunities that are shared with you. 

You will not receive a confirmation email after registering, but you can sign back in with your username and password to confirm. You can also return to this portal at any time to update your commodity codes or contact information. 


In Person

Visit the Purchasing Office at City Hall

You can join the bidders list in person by visiting the Purchasing Office located on the first floor of City Hall. We can walk you through the process and help you register. 

City Hall, Purchasing Division
First Floor
241 W South Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007