Boil Water Advisories

Our public water supply system is always under pressure. This prevents any contamination from entering the system and keeps our water safe. But sometimes we need to reduce water pressure to make a repair, replace pipes, or connect new pipes into the system. When the pressure is reduced the water is less protected, so we issue a Boil Water Advisory to let customers know. Before water pressure is reduced, that part system is isolated so that the smallest possible area will be affected. 

Boil Water Advisories are precautionary. They are issued while we test to confirm the water has not been affected. Our team completes two separate rounds of testing before advisories are lifted. While under a Boil Water Advisory, affected customers are advised to boil their tap water for two minutes before consuming it, or use bottled water until the advisory is lifted. No special actions are needed for water used for hygiene.  

In the rare case where testing reveals a problem with the water in an area, a Boil Water Order would be issued. This is exceedingly rare, and the vast majority of Boil Water Advisories are issued out of an abundance of caution and lifted within three days.

In the unlikely event that the water system experiences contamination that is not microbial (for instance due to a chemical spill or backflow due to a cross connection) a notice to customers could include “Do Not Drink” or "Do Not Use" language since boiling the water may not remove the contamination.

Our team hand delivers water advisory notices to affected homes and businesses whenever possible. If the affected area is large and includes a lot of properties, advisories may be issued by media release.

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