Apply for a Liquor License

A liquor license is required for any business that sells or produces alcohol. This includes bars and restaurants, but also breweries, distilleries, wineries, and other types of businesses as well. Before you get started, you should contact the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) to discuss your business and what license will be necessary. You will need to get local approval from the City of Kalamazoo before completing your application with the MLCC. There is a $350 application fee for local approval for a liquor license, including social district approval. For Redevelopment Liquor Licenses, there is an additional $75 fee to apply.

MLCC Toll-Free Number: 866-813-0011

Apply for a Liquor License

Step 1.Contact the MLCC

Before you take any steps to apply for a Liquor License, contact the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Talk with them about your business to determine what type of license you will need and what your options are. Any questions about the requirements of obtaining a Liquor License should be directed to the MLCC. 

Step 2.Submit a Local Application

Complete the local application for a Liquor License and submit it to the City Clerk's Office with payment of the $350 application fee.

Although you shouldn't submit your state application until you have obtained local approval, please include a copy of any application you have been directed to complete by the MLCC with your local application. This helps ensure that there is consistency across your applications and can avoid issues later in the application process. 

Local Application for Liquor License(PDF, 157KB)

Step 3.Application Review

After your local application is received, the City will convene a committee to review your application within 30 days. You will be invited to participate in this review. If your application is approved by this group, it will be presented to the City Commission for final local approval. City Commission review is generally about three weeks after committee approval due to the meeting schedule. 

If your application is approved by the City Commission, you will received a completed local approval form. You will need this to continue your application with the MLCC.

Step 4.MLCC Review and Final Approval

All remaining approval for a Liquor License is provided by the MLCC at the state level. Submit your local approval form with all required state applications and forms to complete the process. If approved, the MLCC will issue your license.