Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery is the larger of the two city-owned cemeteries. It is located at 1015 Gull Rd, with entrances on both Gull Road and Riverview Drive.

Riverside Cemetery has been municipally owned since it was founded in the 1860s. It covers a diverse landscape, with areas that are shady, open, rolling, and flat. From parts of Riverside Cemetery, you can see downtown Kalamazoo and Spring Valley Park. When the sun is in the western sky it radiantly lights up the west-most landscape. There is a view to enjoy at almost every angle.  

We welcome you to visit our cemetery to reflect, contemplate, learn, and enjoy the peace and beauty Riverside Cemetery has to offer. You can find detailed maps on this web page. The overall cemetery map is also available in the mailbox behind the old office building near the front of the cemetery.

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Riverside Cemetery Maps

Riverside Cemetery Section Map

Riverside Cemetery Section Map(PDF, 89KB)

Section 1(PDF, 81KB)
Section 2(PDF, 42KB)
Section 3(PDF, 110KB)
Section 4(PDF, 78KB)
Section 5(PDF, 56KB)
Section 6(PDF, 25KB)
Section 7(PDF, 87KB)
Section 8(PDF, 326KB)
Section 10(PDF, 118KB)
Section 11(PDF, 171KB)
Section 12(PDF, 142KB)
Section 14(PDF, 101KB)
Section 15(PDF, 81KB)
Section 16(PDF, 91KB)
Section 17(PDF, 167KB)
Section 18(PDF, 62KB)
Section 20(PDF, 36KB)
Section 22(PDF, 215KB)
Section 23(PDF, 47KB)
Section 24(PDF, 197KB)
Section 25(PDF, 155KB)
Section 26(PDF, 136KB)
Section 27(PDF, 167KB)
Section 28(PDF, 112KB)
Section 29(PDF, 113KB)
Section 30(PDF, 56KB)
Section A(PDF, 143KB)
Section AA(PDF, 147KB)
Section B(PDF, 63KB)
Section BB(PDF, 108KB)
Section C(PDF, 67KB)
Section CR1(PDF, 27KB)
Section D(PDF, 59KB)
Section DD(PDF, 50KB)
Section E(PDF, 85KB)
Section EE(PDF, 58KB)
Section F(PDF, 81KB)

Section FF(PDF, 110KB)
Section G(PDF, 125KB)
Section GG(PDF, 91KB)
Section H(PDF, 93KB)
Section HH(PDF, 75KB)
Section I(PDF, 72KB)
Section II(PDF, 68KB)
Section J(PDF, 57KB)
Section K(PDF, 84KB)
Section KK(PDF, 67KB)
Section L(PDF, 71KB)
Section LL(PDF, 70KB)
Section M(PDF, 53KB)
Section MM(PDF, 76KB)
Section N(PDF, 49KB)
Section NN(PDF, 67KB)
Section O(PDF, 60KB)
Section OO(PDF, 74KB)
Section P(PDF, 70KB)
Section PP(PDF, 79KB)
Section Q(PDF, 41KB)
Section QQ(PDF, 77KB)
Section R(PDF, 95KB)
Section RR(PDF, 133KB)
Section S(PDF, 79KB)
Section SS(PDF, 102KB)
Section T(PDF, 57KB)
Section TT(PDF, 252KB)
Section U(PDF, 84KB)
Section UU(PDF, 86KB)
Section V(PDF, 101KB)
Section VV(PDF, 135KB)
Section W(PDF, 75KB)
Section X(PDF, 62KB)
Section Y(PDF, 142KB)
Section Z(PDF, 70KB)
Section ZZ(PDF, 104KB)

History in Riverside Cemetery