Report Odor Issues

If you smell an unpleasant odor in our community, please let us know using the form below. Community reports help us identify the most likely source and path of a specific odor, which helps us focus our efforts where they will be most effective to reduce odors from local industry and the Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant. 

Note: If you smell Natural Gas, Please Call 911.



Step 1.Note the Date and Time

If you smell an odor, make a note of the date and the time. We will use that information to track odor's most likely path and likely source based on the weather conditions at the time.  

Step 2.Report an Odor Online

Complete the brief online form to report the odor. The form will ask for the date, time, how strong the odor was, and for some other characteristics about it. 

Report an Odor Online

Step 3.Odor Tracking

After you report an odor, you will receive a report showing the likely path it traveled and its most likely source. This information is also reviewed by City staff and shared with the members of the Odor Task Force, which is focused on identifying the causes of odor and minimizing them and the quality-of-life issues they cause. The information you provide will also be shared with representatives of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services, Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Air Quality Division, and Environmental Service Manager from Graphics Packaging International, Inc.