Report an Issue with City Streets or Sidewalks

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with city streets, sidewalks, signage, or any other infrastructure. Some of these issues require planning to repair or are addressed through planned infrastructure projects (like sidewalks). Some issues may not be able to be resolved right away, but we review all reports and take steps to address them as quickly as possible. Reported issues can also be helpful when planning future infrastructure investments.

The City is only responsible for repairing sidewalks that are damaged by city trees or by city work.


Step 1.Let Us Know

If you notice an issue with a city streets, sidewalks, signs, or other infrastructure, submit the form below to let us know. We will take steps to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and these reports can help us plan future infrastructure projects too.  

Please be as specific as possible about the location of the issue. Include the direction you were traveling, which lane you were in, nearby landmarks, which side of the street its on, and any other information that will help our team locate it. 

Report an Issue with Streets, Sidewalks, or Signage

Step 2.Review and Correction

The service time for repairing infrastructure can vary based on the severity of the issue or availability of supplies (like new street signs, etc.). Every report is reviewed and we work to resolve each one as quickly as possible. In some cases, engineering or planning is needed and we cannot act right away, but the report helps to inform our future infrastructure planning. Our team is continuously repairing potholes as long as the weather allows. Depending on the workload and the severity of the pothole, they can take up to a month to be repaired. 

By Phone

Step 1.Call 311 or (269) 337-8000

If you notice an issue with a city tree, like dangerous or fallen limbs or a stump that needs to be removed, call 311 or (269) 337-8000 to report it. The City is only responsible for maintaining trees on city-owned property or in the right-of-way, so if this tree is on private property we may not be able to help. 

Step 2.Review and Correction

The service time for tree issues varies based on the type of request. Reported branches are generally removed within three days. Stump removal requires several steps and specialized equipment, so our team does these in batches after a certain number are ready to be removed. It can be several months before a stump is removed. 

After severe weather, our Forestry team will address these issues as quickly as possible but service may be delayed if there is a large number of fallen branches.