Apply for a Reduction in Property Taxes

Kalamazoo residents that meet certain income and asset guidelines may apply for a reduction in property taxes for the current year. Property tax exemptions are meant to be temporary and are approved for one year only. When applying, please review the application instructions, include all requested documentation, and meet the deadlines for review by the Board of Review session. Applying by the stated deadlines gives the City Assessor's Office time to review your application and follow up if it is incomplete or missing documentation. 

Apply for a Reduction in Property Taxes

Step 1.Review the Application and Instructions

Before applying, review the application and instructions. Make sure you meet the requirements and have all of the documentation that you will need to submit with the application. This will include things like bank statements, proof of income, and tax returns, and could require documents from other people living in the household. 

Step 2.Submit an Application

Complete the application and return it to the City Assessor's Office with all of the required documentation. Complete all areas of the application and just mark "N/A" if something does not apply to your application. Please return your completed application by the deadline for review by the Board of Review. This will give our staff time to review it and contact you if anything is missing or needs to be corrected. 

Application for a Reduction in Property Taxes(PDF, 343KB)

Return the completed application and required documentation by mail or in person to:

City of Kalamazoo
City Assessor's Office
241 W South Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

You can also place your application in one of the two drop boxes located at City Hall: near St John Place and Lovell Street or to the right of the South Street entrance. 

Step 3.Review by Board of Review

Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Review at its March, July, or December meetings. You do not need to be present for this review. The Board will notify you of their decision by mail within two weeks. If your application is approved, your taxes for the year will be reduced and you will receive a refund for any taxes already paid. Please note that if you have liens or unpaid fees, you may still receive a tax bill for these items.