Marihuana Businesses

In order to operate a Marihuana Business in the City of Kalamazoo (either medical or adult use), a business must have BOTH a state license and City operating permit. The City's application process relies heavily on the application process for state licenses administered by the Michigan Marihuana Regulatory Agency (MRA). Applicants must apply for a City Marihuana Business Permit prior to submitting their Step 2 application to MRA. If the City approves an application, the City Clerk will issue a Provisional Approval Certificate that is valid for one year, and the Clerk will sign the appropriate Attestation for the MRA Step 2 application. After the applicant receives their Marihuana Facility or Establishment License, they must provide a copy of that license and their valid (unexpired) Provisional Approval Certificate to the Clerk in order to get a City Operating Permit.