Request a Temporary Parking Permit

If something comes up and you won't be able to use your regular parking lot or driveway, you can request a temporary parking permit to park overnight on the street. Permits are only issued in uncommon situations for up to seven days (but you can extend a permit for an additional seven days if needed). The permit fee is $20 for a vehicle and $5 for each additional vehicle.


Step 1.Submit an Application

Complete the brief application to submit your request. We'll need your contact information and location, and we'll also ask information about the vehicle(s) that will need permits. Our team will review your application and respond within three days. 

Apply for a Temporary Parking Permit

Step 2.Pick Up and Pay

If your application is approved, you can pay and pick up your permit at the City's Offices at 415 E Stockbridge Avenue or at City Hall. You will need to pay the permit fee before the permit will be issued.

Step 3.Display the Permit in Your Vehicle(s)

When parking on the street, make sure your permit is clearly visible on the dashboard of you car. If parking enforcement cannot see the permit, you may still be issued a ticket. 

Step 4.Need an Extension?

Temporary parking permits can be extended one time for an additional seven days. To extend your permit, submit a new application above.