Contract 76 B.1-Biological Foul Air Mitigation System-Const.-Rebid

Closed May 24, 2022, 03:30 PM

  • Reference number91359-003.0
  • StatusComplete
  • SummaryConstruction of a biological foul air mitigation system and the building that will house it, as outlined in the bidding documents.
  • Winning entity
    Bids Rejected

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. Local Time

LOCATION: 1415 Harrison St., Kalamazoo, MI, Conference Room A

This Contract includes, but is not limited to; all Work as shown on the Drawings (Attachment D) and described in the Specifications (Attachment C) for the installation of piping, valves, wastewater treatment process equipment, pumps, HVAC ducting and equipment, medium and low voltage AC electrical distribution & supply, AC & DC electrical controls, painting and industrial coating, structural concrete erection and placement, structural steel erection, metal building erection, paving and site improvements at the City of Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant.

Contractor to provide labor and equipment to off-load and move into City storage facility all delivered equipment necessary for completion of the project. Off-loading may need to occur at various times over a three (3)-month period. This work is weather dependent and will need to be scheduled around any snowy or icy conditions.