Station 4 Roof Replacement

Closed June 07, 2022, 03:30 PM

  • Reference number91066-033.0
  • StatusComplete
  • SummaryThe City of Kalamazoo is seeking a professional contractor for Station 4 Roof Replacement located at 2000 West Crosstown Parkway
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In general, the work of the project is defined by the contract documents and consist of the following:

1. Completely remove and legally dispose of all vegetation, soils and other materials to the structural concrete roof substrate.

2. Remove and legally dispose of existing roofing materials, rails, and wood retainers.

3. Install new liquid applied roof membrane to the concrete roof structure.

4. Install new wood roof structure over concrete roof deck as described in the documents.

5. Install new standing seam metal roof system as described in the documents including all flashings, trim and accessories required for a complete installation.

Station 4 Roof Replacement located at 2000 West Crosstown Parkway

See attached specifications and drawings depicting existing roofing systems for the building.


A. General: Contractor shall have limited use of Project site for construction operations as indicated by requirements of this Section.

B. Use of Site: Limit use of Project site to work in areas indicated. Do not disturb portions of Project site beyond areas in which the Work is indicated.

1. Limits: Confine construction operations to the areas shown on the drawings or designated by the Owner. Access for vegetation removal may be via Peeler Street with the appropriate right of way permit from the City.

2. Driveways, Walkways and Entrances: Keep driveways and entrances serving premises clear and available to Owner, Owner's employees, and emergency vehicles at all times. Do not use these areas for parking or storage of materials.

C. Condition of Existing Building: Maintain portions of existing building affected by construction operations in a weather tight condition throughout construction period. Repair damage caused by construction operations. Insert additional paragraphs specifying specific limitations on use of existing building. See Evaluations for model text.


A. Owner Occupancy: Owner will occupy site and existing building during entire construction period. Cooperate with Owner during construction operations to minimize conflicts. Maintain existing exits unless otherwise indicated.


A. On-Site Work Hours: Work hours are limited to 7:00 am to 5:00 pm unless coordinated with the Owner for other times. Access to the building will be permitted to complete the work within the schedule established for this project. Coordinate building access with the Owner during work operations.

B. Nonsmoking Building: City of Kalamazoo is a tobacco free environment. Tobacco use is not permitted on City property. Tobacco use within buildings is prohibited.