Apply for a Social District Permit

Kalamazoo is now home to the Downtown Social District and within it the Central Commons Refreshment Area. Participating business can sell alcoholic beverages for customers to enjoy while they stroll and shop through downtown.

Eligible licensed businesses need a Social District Permit to participate in the Central Commons Refreshment Area. It requires approval from the City Commission and submitting the application with applicable fees to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). Let our team know when you receive final approval from the MLCC and we'll deliver cups and other materials for you to use. 

Apply for a Social District Permit

Step 1.Read the Social District Permit Information 

Read the first page of the state application PDF to make sure you are aware of the requirements of the social district and your responsibilities as a business selling alcoholic beverages in the Central Commons Refreshment Area. 

Step 2.Start the Application

Complete the first page of the state application and submit it to the City of Kalamazoo with the Local Liquor License Approval Application. Our team will review and process the application, and schedule your application for approval by the City Commission. 

On the Local Approval Liquor License application, check "Social District Permit" for the type of license. 

Liquor License Local Approval Application(PDF, 157KB)

Social District Permit State Application(PDF, 447KB)

Step 3.City Commission Review

All Social District Permits must have local government approval. Your application will be included on an upcoming agenda for consideration by the City Commission. If approved, the City Clerk will complete the Local Government Unit Approval for Social District Permit page of the application and return it to you. You will need to include this with your submission to the MLCC.

Step 4.Submit Application to MLCC and Pay Fees

Once you have local government approval, you can complete the remaining pages of the State application: the Coronavirus State of Emergency Compliance Certification and the Credit Card Authorization Form. Return the completed application to the MLCC using the information provided on the application. If you're paying the fees by credit card, return the credit card authorization form by fax (do not mail or email).  

Step 5.Order Materials & Share Your Marketing Materials

Once you hear back from MLCC and get your Social District Permit, you're ready to order cups and stickers. There's additional information on ordering suppliesplus a few suggested vendors in the guide below. 

Ordering Supplies(PDF, 292KB)
Sticker Artwork for Cups(PDF, 24KB)

Also, please share your business's logo and any marketing materials so they can be listed on the Downtown Kalamazoo website and be a part of future promotions for the Central Commons Refreshment Area!