2022 Historic Preservation Awards of Merit

Kalamazoo's Historic Preservation Commission presents Awards of Merit every year to recognize Historic Preservation Month in May. Learn about the people and projects who were recognized in 2022 below. 

  1. First Baptist Church/ Kalamazoo Non-Profit Advocacy Coalition: The 1853 First Baptist Church is being awarded for preserving the church through partnering with the Kalamazoo Non-profit Advocacy Coalition. As the congregation of the First Baptist Church continued to shrink, the church transferred ownership to the Kalamazoo Non-Profit Advocacy Coalition. This shift in ownership helped to preserve, historically renovate and save the church.
  2. Kalamazoo State Theatre: As the nomination states “There are no two ways about it – Kalamazoo’s State Theatre is an icon”. One of less than two dozen ‘Atmospheric Theatres’ designed by renowned theatre architect John Eberson in the country, Kalamazoo is truly lucky to retain the theatre. The Kalamazoo historic Preservation Award of Merit is one of three awards the State Theatre has won this month, the other two being a Governor’s award for Historic Preservation and a Michigan Historic Preservation Network Award.
  3. David and Emma Engerer/ 821 Kalamazoo Avenue: David and Emma Engerer are being given an award for restoring the Edgar Crane house at 821 Kalamazoo Avenue. The house had been owned by multiple people since the 1970s as a rental property. The renovations made by Engerer’s is an example of excellent preservation work in the city of Kalamazoo.
  4. Patricia Balch Henry: Patricia Balch Henry is being given an individual lifetime achievement award for her passion in preserving the Oakwood Neighborhood’s history. From writing the book The History of Oakwood to organizing bringing the neighborhood together for 36 annual picnics, Patricia has been instrumental in preserving history at a neighborhood level in the city of Kalamazoo.