Bike Corral

A photo of the pilot Bike Corral on Michigan Avenue Downtown

The Bike Corral is a pilot project that will add new bike parking in Downtown Kalamazoo. 10 bikes can be parked safely here in less room than it takes to park one car! The location will change about once every month to help us learn where there is the most demand for bike parking. Then in future project or when streets are rebuilt, permanent bike parking can be added where it will be most useful. 

What is a Bike Corral?

A bike corral is a type of on-street bicycle parking for commercial areas that shifts parking off the sidewalk. When located near intersections, they can act as a bump-out, which can also help to calm traffic or make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street. 

Bike corrals can be permanent or mobile and can be designed to meet the needs of a specific area. They are a great way to understand the demand for bike parking. 


The Bike Corral will move to different locations throughout the year, for about a month at each one. 

  • April 10 - May 10: Michigan Ave at the Kalamazoo Mall (Location 1) 
  • May 10 - June 10: Northeast corner of Bronson Park (Location 2)
  • June 10 - July 10: Southwest corner of Bronson Park (Location 3)
  • July 10 - August 15: Michigan Ave at Church St (Location 4)
  • August 15 - September 15: Michigan Ave at Edwards St (Location 5)
  • September 15 - October 15: Michigan Ave between Pitcher and the two-way split (Location 6)
  • October 15 - November 15: Lovell St at the Kalamazoo Mall

Map of 2024 Bike Corral locations