Michikal Street

  • Project scheduleTBD, expected to Start in 2024

The first step to transform several downtown streets from one- to two-way will start in 2024 with work on Michikal Street. The street will be reconstructed to prepare it for two-way traffic, although it won't switch to two-way right away. It will reopen as a one-way street until work on connecting streets is completed to create a safe network.

2024 work on Michikal will include: 

  • Reconstruction of the street, which will remain one-way for the near-term. Once it's able to be converted to two-way it will have two lanes of traffic heading south towards W Main Street and one lane heading towards Kalamazoo Avenue. 
  • Sidewalk added to the east side of the street
  • A non-motorized trail on the west side of the street
  • Updating water infrastructure at the intersection of W Main St, Michikal St, Michigan Ave, and Stadium Drive 

You can find more information on this project and the design and engagement process for Michikal and the connecting streets at here. You can also read more about Streets for All, the effort to make Kalamazoo's streets safer and more inviting for everyone who uses them and transform our downtown to welcome more visitors, diners, shoppers, and businesses. 

Related work on Arcadia Creek & Impact to Michikal 

City staff are currently seeking a grant to realign and "daylight" Arcadia Creek so it is open in places and runs alongside Michikal St. If the grant is awarded, the project will be completed in two sections. The western portion of the project will be completed in 2024, but the eastern portion will be delayed to be coordinated with the work on Arcadia Creek. This delay would avoid having to tear up a newly constructed road right away for the creek work. If the grant is not awarded, the entire Michikal St project will be completed at once. Staff expect to hear the outcome of the grant application in February.

Aerial view of plans for Michikal St