October 2, 2023 City Commission Action Summary

Published on October 03, 2023

At its meeting on October 2, 2023, the City Commission took the following actions. You can watch the meeting online here. You can review the official agenda and detailed reports on each agenda item here

Public Hearings (F)

  1. The City Commission held a public hearing and approved an off-premise sign agreement with Adams Outdoor Advertising

Consent Agenda (G)

The City Commission approved items G1-6: 

  1. Approval of a contract supplemental and change order with Carrier & Gable for traffic signal maintenance supplies in the amount of $200,000
  2. Approval of a month-to-month contract extension, supplemental, and change order with Central City Parking/ABM Parking for downtown parking management services in the amount of $540,000.00
  3. Adoption of a RESOLUTION approving Amendment #1 to the Act 381 Brownfield Redevelopment Plan for Arcadia Lofts
  4. Adoption of a RESOLUTION amending the City Commission's 2023 annual meeting schedule
  5. Approval of the Second Amendment to the Services Agreement between the City of Kalamazoo and the United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region for Small Business Loan Fund services
  6. Approval of a special permit for a pot-bellied pig to be kept at 2513 Logan Avenue, subject to compliance with applicable statutes, ordinances, and health codes

Regular Agenda (H)

The City Commission approved items H1-5:

  1. Adoption of an ordinance to repeal the existing Chapter 28 of the Kalamazoo City Code, Wastewater Discharge Regulations and Enforcement Procedures, and enact a new Chapter 28, Wastewater Discharge Regulations and Enforcement Procedures. (Action: Motion to adopt the ordinance)
  2. First reading of an ordinance to approve updates to Chapter 9 of the Kalamazoo City Code Buildings and Building Regulations, Article 8: Emergency Housing. (Action: Motion to offer the ordinance for first reading)
  3. First reading of ordinances to approve text amendments to Chapter 50, Zoning Ordinance and Appendix A Zoning; to approve updates to the Zoning Map; and to approve related updates to Chapters 3, Advertising, 7, Animals and Fowl, 9, Buildings and Building Regulations, and 21, Nuisances; and set a public hearing for October 16, 2023. (Action: Motion to offer the ordinances for first reading and schedule a public hearing)
  4. Approval of a contract extension with SNR Technologies for Powder Activated Carbon in the amount of $1,160,000. (Action: Motion to approve)
  5. Approval of a three-year contract with Gud Marketing for Downtown and Streets for All Marketing and Communications in the amount of $285,000. (Action: Motion to approve)
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