Fall Leaf Pickup

The City of Kalamazoo collects leaves for city residents every fall. There are two scheduled pickups for each household. We try to schedule leaf collection late enough in the season so that leaves will have fallen, but early enough to complete both pickups before winter weather settles in. This can be difficult to predict and depending on the weather it may not be possible to complete the second pickup in all areas. If this happens, you can store your leaves until April when we will collect them during the Spring Clean Up.

New Leaf Drop-Off Option Available

This year we are offering a drop off option, too! You can drop off the same materials collected curbside to 322 E Stockbridge Ave  Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Leaf drop off is only available during these hours, and only during times the leaf program is operating (November 6 - December 15, no holidays or weekends). 

View Schedule and Track Progress

Every household in the city will have two scheduled collection weeks as our team works through the different areas of the city. Please make sure your leaves are placed out for collection the night before collection starts in your area. Your leaves may not be collected first thing on Monday morning, but this will help make sure they are not missed.

The schedule is included in the Fall/Winter View from the Curb and you can search for your pickup weeks using the "My Area" feature of this website. Just search for your address.

Find Your Pickup Dates

You can also view the leaf collection schedule and collection progress by using GIS mapping.

2023 Leaf Collection Schedule

Area 1st Pickup Starts 2nd Pickup Starts
A November 6 November 27
B November 13 December 4
C November 20 December 11

Leaf Collection Map

The leaf collection program will accept any volume of:

  • Leaves
  • Sticks smaller than four feet long and two inches in diameter
  • Pumpkins
  • Other similar, organic material

Please do not place any other material out for collection in the leaf program. It will not be collected, and material left at the curb will be considered a nuisance and may result in enforcement action without notice. 

Please bring your leaves to the curb lawn area near the street.  You can rake them to the curb in loose in piles or collect them in biodegradable bags or boxes. 

If there is no sidewalk or curb lawn at your home, please rake them to the edge of the street but do not block any traffic lanes (including bike lanes).

Please do not place leaves near mailboxes, utility poles, landscaped areas, or near storm drains. Never place leaves where they will block sidewalks, bike lanes, or vehicle lanes. Putting leaves in these areas not only slows the program down but makes it hard for people to get around the city and could be dangerous. Plus, it might lead to enforcement action or fines. 

Graphic showing areas near the right of way where to place leaves and where not to.

You can report a missed pickup online or by calling 311 or (269) 337-8000. Please do not report missed collections until the crews have made a complete sweep in your area. This best utilizes their time and helps make collection most efficient.

Report a Missed Pickup Online

During the fall, fallen leaves often accumulate at storm drains. This prevents water from draining from our streets properly and can lead to localized flooding nearby. If you see a blocked drain near your home, lend a hand and clear it! 

This year we're offering a new drop off option for leaves on top of curbside collection. You can drop off accepted materials at 322 E Stockbridge Avenue. The drop off site will be available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. while the leaf program is running (November 6 - December 15). There will be no public access outside of these hours of operation. Our Public Services staff will be on-site to help and make sure that the material is eligible (no trash, plastic, metal, etc.). 

This service is for city residents only.  

Accepted Materials

  • Leaves
  • Brush
  • Branches & Twigs
  • Material for drop off must be in a decomposable yard waste bag