There are two city-owned cemeteries in Kalamazoo: Mountain Home on West Main Street and Riverside at the corner of Gull Road and Riverview Drive. These cemeteries honor those who have passed, preserve our local history, and welcome visitors to reflect and enjoy the peace and beauty of their landscapes. Visitors can also pay their respects to those who have served in the armed forces, who are usually designated by a small marker and a new flag each spring.

Both city cemeteries date back into the mid-1800s and represent significant local history. Many of those that were buried in Kalamazoo's first cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery (now South Westnedge Park), were later transferred to either Mountain Home or Riverside. Notable Kalamazooans that are buried in each cemetery are listed on the cemetery pages. Biographical information is provided from the Kalamazoo Public Library, KVCC, or other resources if available. Some were heroes, some broke barriers of race and gender, others influenced culture, and many made an economic impact. Every life has a story, and these help shed light on the history of our city.