Bronson Park Stage Lighting

Closed March 01, 2023, 04:30 PM

  • Reference number98854-004.0
  • StatusAwarded
  • SummaryIt is the intent of these plans and specifications to seek bids for entering into a contract for all direction, management, labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary to perform the Bronson Park Stage Lighting project as specified herein.
  • Winning entity
    SLS Production Services LLC
  • Value$24,837.97 Expires 05/31/2023
  • Date awardedMarch 31, 2023

The scope of work involves electrical work for stage lighting at Bronson Park as stated below:

  • Match current quantity (33) and locations
  • Par can lights, must be RGBAW+UV LED
  • Static display
  • User friendly/easy with programmable presets on new controller
  • Power, keep to what is already available and in use by current system
  • Reuse the current wiring and conduit, if possible