City Residents Reminded to Remove Snow from Sidewalks

Many Kalamazoo residents rely on public sidewalks each day, including children walking to school and residents with mobility difficulties. During the winter months, accumulated snow and ice prevents residents from safely utilizing sidewalks and further impacting their mobility.

City ordinance requires the owners or occupants of properties within the city limits to remove snow and ice from any adjacent public sidewalks, walkways and alleys. This enables people of all ages and physical condition to have access to clean walkways during the winter months. Although required by ordinance, clearing snow and ice should simply be looked upon as a courtesy to neighbors and all residents that rely on this infrastructure for their mobility.

The City reminds property owners or occupants that: 

  1. All snow and ice which has accumulated on the adjacent public sidewalk should be removed in a timely fashion. Immediately after the accumulation of ice on such a sidewalk it is recommended that it be treated with sand, salt or other substance to prevent it from being slippery. 
  2. Please exercise caution and care when shoveling, especially during extreme cold.

Residents are also encouraged to assist neighbors or family who may have difficulty removing snow from their properties due to physical condition.

If any citizen has a concern regarding sidewalk snow removal more than 48 hours after the end of an accumulation greater than one inch, Public Services is ready to help. Citizens may call (269) 337-8215 during regular business hours to report locations which may be of concern or visit

Holiday Trees Accepted through January 31 at 1204 Bank Street

When the time comes to take down your holiday decorations, please bring real holiday trees to the Bank Street Market parking lot (located at 1204 Bank Street). Real trees are biodegradable, easily recyclable, and may be dropped off at any time through January 31. Please be sure to remove all ornaments and other decorations.

Smart Water Meter Pilot Study in Oakwood, Winchell and Westnedge Hill

The City of Kalamazoo is currently looking for 100 volunteers located in the Winchell, Oakwood and Westnedge Hill neighborhoods to participate in a pilot study of new smart water meters. Smart water meters offer a number of advantages to both customers and staff such as:

    • Customer use patterns and volumes can be identified and explained, improving customer service
    • Trends and changes in demand can be predicted allowing for more efficient asset management
    • Customer leaks can be quickly detected 
    • Residents and business will have access to more detailed information to help manage their consumption
    • Staff time previously spent reading meters can be dedicated to lead service replacements as well as water main repairs, service leaks, and other routine maintenance on our distribution system 

This study is only open to residential dwellings in the Winchell, Oakwood and Westnedge Hill neighborhoods at this time (due to their proximity to the Edgemoor Elevated Water Tank which hosts the equipment to receive the data).

Participants will have a smart meter installed on their property at no cost to them. The City will schedule an appointment for properties that have a water meter located in their basement (installation is expected to take 30-45 minutes). For properties without a basement (that have a water meter located in a meter pit at the edge of the property), participants simply need to grant permission to replace the meter. We are ideally looking for 50 basement meters and 50 outside meters.


If you are interested in participating, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have additional questions please contact Assistant City Engineer Steve Skalski at: (269) 337-8454

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